In SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd., a number of staff members are working to bring customers safe and reliable products. Let us introduce you to the employees who faithfully work to deliver products that make customers smile.

Overseas Sales Department Takao Miyajima

Takao Miyajima

Sharing with the world products that are not only "oishii (delicious)" but also unique to Japan.

Through many business talks, I realized there is demand in the global market for fish sausages, which can be stored at room temperature, and fried pies, which can be enjoyed casually, because they are very "benri (convenient)" products that are also "oishii." I feel like my mission is to deliver the "value" of our product like these to clients around the world.

For ordering, feel free to contact us here.

Quality Control Department Tetsufumi Itoh

Tetsufumi Itoh

All I do is to provide our customers with reliable and safe food products.

One product is created through various processes from receiving raw materials to shipping. Using the HACCP method, I daily inspect that the work is properly done for each process and safe food is made according to safety procedures.

Manufacturing Department Misae Fujiwara

Misae Fujiwara

Dedicated to serving customers with our reliable and delicious food!

I have been involved in manufacturing canned food for many years since joining the company. Currently I am in charge of the pie packaging line.
In order to serve customers with our reliable and delicious food, all employees in the manufacturing department are doing our best, based on our manufacturing procedures.

CreCla.SEINAN Saori Ikeda

Saori Ikeda

“Crecla is a delivery-related industry and customer satisfaction NO, 1"

It's my great pleasure to be engaged in working with customers face to face.
It's my privilege to begin making CreCla popular all over Kagawa Prefecture. I sincerely hope to contribute to the success of the new business.

SK LOGISTICS Co., Ltd. Masato Taniguchi

Masato Taniguchi

Maintaining the quality of all products begins with 5S methodology in the warehouse. We deliver safe and reliable products.

As warehouse officer of the distribution center, I daily attend to my work, with priority given to the safety & hygiene of employees and to proper handling of products.
Rules serve no purposes if they are not followed.I check the site with fresh eyes at all times, not with inertia.