Bottled Water Department

Shikoku Depot Shikoku Depot

Completely removing impurities and unpleasant taste through strict quality inspection and quality control, we produce reliable, safe, and delicious water. Also at any time, we can deliver healthy soft water which can be consumed either cold or warm.

Delivery Area: Takamatsu-City, Sakaide-City, Udatsu-Cho, Miki-Cho and Ayakawa-Cho

Addresses [CreCla SEINAN (sales outlet)]
6-6-23, Asahi-Cho, Takamatsu-City, Kagawa Prefecture 760-0065 Japan
Phone: 0800-200-6045

[CreCla SEINAN Yawatahama Plant (manufacturing plant)]
1-300-1, Miyauchi, Honai-Cho, Yawatahama-City, Ehime Prefecture 796-0293 Japan
Phone: (0894)36-0651