Our Vision & Management Philosophy

Company Motto-We contribute to society by manufacturing fine products with sincerity, effort, invention, and human harmony.

Management Philosophy

Company's Prosperity is Employees' Happiness

Greeting: by Takeshi Kochi, President

In October 1951, we succeeded in developing Japan's first fish sausage (smoked meat), pioneering a new field in the food industry, and subsequently advanced rapidly. Since then, we have progressed with diversification.

To meet consumers' ever-diversifying needs, pursuing technology is indispensable. Particularly in this era, reliable and safe food is essential. Therefore, in 2001 we attained ISO9001 certification with our whole staff united in the emphasis on safety in food manufacturing.
Presently, we are preparing to obtain certification for the global standard for food manufacturing, HACCP.

As a mission in food manufacturing, development of new products is vital. With the key words “delicious, reliable, safe, quick, and healthy" in mind, we will continue developing products that society demands. Progress in creating products that consumers want is nothing less than the realization of our company's motto, 'contribute to society by creating fine products.'

We will, as a group, conduct business operations with our vision and management philosophy in mind. We appreciate the continued understanding and support of shareholders and customers.

Takeshi Kochi, President Representative Director and President Takeshi Kochi