Company Outline

SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd Outline

Company Name SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd.
Headquarters/Plant 1-300-1, Miyauchi, Honai-Cho, Yawatahama-City, Ehime Prefecture 796-0293 Japan
Phone: 0894-36-0651 (main number), FAX: 0894-36-0030
Bottled Water Division

SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd.  CreCla SEINAN (sales outlet)
6-6-23, Asahi-Cho, Takamatsu-City, Kagawa Prefecture 760-0065
Phone: 087-813-0645, Fax: 087-813-0606

SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd. [CreCla SEINAN  Yawatahama Plant (manufacturing plant)]
1-300-1, Miyauchi, Honai-Cho, Yawatahama-City, Ehime Prefecture  796-0293 Japan

Phone: 0894-36-0651, Fax: 0894-36-0030
Representative Takeshi Kochi
Foundation October 16, 1951
Capital 75 million yen
Industry Food Manufacture
Main Products Fish Sausage, Pies, Frozen Food, Bottled Water
Business Certificates Manufacturing Kneaded Fish Products
Disposition of Food Meat
Freezing and Refrigerating Food
Manufacturing Sweets
Manufacturing Prepared Foods
Manufacturing Soft Drinks
Manufacturing Meat Products
Affiliated Company SK LOGISTICS Co., Ltd.
Orange Bay Foods Company, Ltd.