Business Development

October 1951 Founded SEINAN KAIHATSU Company, Ltd.
Developed Japan's first fish sausage, 'smoked meat'.
June 1952 Concluded a contract with nationwide sales agency Meidi-ya Company Ltd.
Started sales as “Meidi-ya's Smoked Meat."
June 1956 Factory newly built on Showa Street in Yawatahama-City. (300 tsubo (1186.2 sq. yds.) lot)
September 1960 New factory added on Showa Street in Yawatahama-City and facilities modernized (1,000 tsubo (3954 sq. yds.) lot)
September 1965 Honai factory newly built at the current site in Honai-Cho, formerly Nishi-Uwa-Gun.
June 1968 Received an order for development of a line of 'convenience store food' products from Meidi-ya Company Ltd. and worked on development of 'frozen food' and 'simplified wrapping.'
September 1969 Moved the headquarters office/factories to Honai plant to consolidate.
March 1971 Developed safe method for coloring meat and filed an application with the Patent Office for a patent in Japan and overseas (U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Canada)
March 1971 Started full-fledged production with frozen food streamlined.
October 1971 Added a livestock meat production room.
April 1973 Started production of meat patties for McDonald's
December 1974 Improved the manufacturing method for fish sausage. Adopted the high temperature sterilization method (retort) for smoked meat production.
January 1975 Started fruit pie production for McDonald's
July 1977 Obtained a patent for safe coloring method for meat.
October 1978 Started manufacturing Apple Pie for McDonald's.
December 1987 Improved the laboratory and set up cultivation and aseptic rooms for conducting biological research.
May 1989 Started cultivation of phalaenopsis.
April 1990 Newly built a moveable-rack cold storage facility (F-class capacity: 400 tons) when distribution in the Shikoku area for McDonald's started.
September 1991 Started planning, production and sales of phalaenopsis.
March 1995 Started production of retort pouch.
April 1997 Established 'Shikoku Depot' in Asahi-Cho, in Takamatsu-City, as the base for supplying materials to all McDonald's stores throughout Shikoku.
September 2001 Acquired the international standard ISO9001 quality certification.
October 2002 Started manufacturing organic food.
January 2003 Started operation of spiral freezing machines.
January 2008 Manufactured and sold revived version of original fish sausage.
December 2008 Started production of frozen 'Mikan' oranges.
May 2009 Founded affiliated company, Orange Bay Foods Company, Ltd.
October 2009 Established a Matsuyama Through Center to improve quality control and delivery control.
April 2010 Moved the production of hamburger patties to Orange Bay Foods Company, Ltd.
December 2013 Ended production of retort pouch and organic food.
December 2014 The local subsidiary SEKAR SEINAN FOOD (fish sausage plant)
was established in Indonesia in a joint venture with Nomura Trading and Indonesia`s SEKAR BUMI.
October 2015 Started sales of CreCla water.
February 2016 Started production of CreCra water.
April 2016 Ended planning, production and sales of Phalaenopsis orchid.
February 2018 Founded affiliated company, SK LOGISTICS Company, Ltd.
April 2018 Started Sekar Seinan Food.
August 2019 Acquired the international standard ISO22000 quality certification.